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Irrigation System Startup & Shutdown

Startups & Shutdown

Spring System Startups or Winter Irrigation Shutdowns

We pick the Perfect Time for Spring Turn on, start up & system tests, and adjust each zone to ensure proper coverage.

At the Season’s End, We Shut down and blow water out of all lines.

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Sprinkler winterizing is a must for systems in Missouri where cold winter weather is a gaurantee. Water expands when it freezes, and any water trapped in a sprinkler system will put stress on the plumbing, causing cracking and breakage. If your pipes break, you will have a much more costly problem on your hands.

When spring comes around, it’s time to activate your sprinkler system. We will correct the pressure and make sure that there are no leaks in the system.

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We Pay Attention To Detail

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“Sometimes sprinklers cannot properly perform because of a plant or grass. Make sure to keep your lawn properly maintained so the sprinkler can reach every part of it without any trouble.”
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“During the spring and summer, you might start to see an area of your lawn or garden that looks drier than other areas. If so, it might be a good idea to check and see if that sprinkler head is clogged.”
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