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Sprinkler System Maintenance & Repairs

Repairs and Fixes

Our technicians are Professional Irrigation Systems Specialists, They are well equipped for all of your sprinkler system repair needs.

It may be a Clogged Sprinkler, Valve Leaks, Obstructed Sprinklers, Overspray Issues, Missing or Damaged Nozzles, and even Design Problems. We are here to fix it!

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Your sprinkler system is likely divided into zones. If one zone isn’t working, then it could be a timer issue, or there may be a problem with the valve box that directs water to that zone


Sprinklers become clogged over time by dirt and debris that is trapped in the filter or nozzle of the sprinkler. We Can Help.

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In colder temperatures, if the sprinkler system hasn’t been properly winterized, then a pipe can burst.

sprinler system leaks

We Can Fix It

Do you have a leak in your sprinkler system?

Leaks occur in sprinklers when seals become worn over time. Often, leaks happen as a result of damage from mowing or vehicles that drive over sprinkler heads. Irrigation system leaks can lead to significant loss of pressure. This can result in high water bills and overly saturated areas. Leaks can also develop in the irrigation valves themselves. This can be from high pressure in the system or just from normal wear and tear.

“If a spray nozzle is missing, the pressure to the entire system can be affected, causing poor coverage and dry areas.”
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“Landscaped areas can change over time, it is important to take into account the irrigation system design when making modifications to your yard. “
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