Missouri Weather and It’s Effects on Your Lawn

Living in the great state of Missouri certainly has its advantages, from the friendliness of its people to the beauty of the landscape. But even though the landscape is beautiful, the vagaries of the weather can have a powerful impact on your lawn and your back yard landscape. From frequent droughts to hot and cold spells that last for weeks on end, the weather throughout the state of Missouri can be challenging and difficult to predict.

That is why it is so important to be prepared. With the right planning and preparation, you can enjoy a lush green landscape all season long no matter what curve balls Mother Nature throws your way.

Stay Green Throughout Missouri

No matter what part of the state you call home, chances are you will experience your fair share of drought conditions. Droughts are all too common in this part of the country, and changes to the climate have made the situation that much worse.

Fortunately, dealing with drought does not have to be difficult, and you do not have to let your lawn go from green to brown when the rain refuses to fall. Installing an irrigation system in your lawn that can be adjusted and controlled can help a great deal, especially if you live in a drought-prone area. Lawn irrigation systems can reduce the amount of water you use compared to watering by hand, allowing your lawn to survive the drought without your running afoul of government issued water usage restrictions.

lush green grass

Soil Conditions Are Important

It is also a good idea to have your soil tested, even if you are not currently dealing with a serious drought. The nutrients in the soil can vary widely between one part of the state and another, as can the pH level and other indications of soil quality. You can have your soil tested by a number of public and private laboratories throughout the state, so there is no reason to put it off any longer.

If you do find that your soil conditions are less than optimal, you can always use additives to make the ground more amenable to growing a lush thick lawn and healthy growing plants and trees. If you want the grass in your lawn to grow strong and healthy and develop a strong root system, you should aim for a pH level of 6.5, and many parts of Missouri are lucky enough to have these great growing conditions.

If bad weather and bad luck have left your soil less than perfectly balanced, you can always choose a grass seed designed for acidic or alkaline growing conditions. Just check the instructions on the bag and look for a grass seed that most closely matches the soil you have to work with.

Soil conditions can change over time, especially when the weather has been especially unpredictable. If there is one thing that is certain in the state of Missouri, it is that the weather is always changing – with drought conditions one year and floods the next. What it all means is that the chemistry of the soil and the growing conditions of the ground can change quite a bit from one year to the next.

lush green grass

It’s All About Chemistry

If you are doing everything the way you always have but your lawn is starting to go brown and show some bare spots, the culprit may be your soil chemistry. Having your soil retested and adapting your fertilization and planting regimen accordingly can restore your lawn to good health and bring back the lush green landscape you love so much.

The state of Missouri is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. From the abundant sunshine to the beautiful woodlands and gardens, there are plenty of outdoor wonders to enjoy. When you care for your lawn properly and take local weather conditions into account, your own back yard can become one of those natural Missouri wonders.


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